Travel Assistant

Guiding people to venues and events the smart way

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Visitor-centric Destination Management

Visitor-flow and experience management across all your touch-points

The easily embedded Travel Assistant plugin for websites or apps guides people to venues and events ‘the smart way’, improving bookings, customer experience, and repeat visits whilst minimising the overhead of managing travel-based queries.

Covering The UK & Beyond

(We're working on ferries and flights)







Optimised By Venue

Example: Wembley Stadium Travel Assistant

Built Around Your Needs

And designed to drive key strategic ojectives

Regional Authorities
& Transport Operators

  • Reduce over-crowding and improve safety through crowd-sourced network intelligence and optimisation
  • Pro-actively manage disruption, continuity of service and critical externalities (air and noise pollution)
  • Foster a collaborative operator framework for local economy driven sustainable transport services

Venues, Retailers & Consumer Brands

  • Guide people to your venues, outlets or events based on their circumstances and specific journey requirements
  • Reduce risk of data breach though our secure privacy preserving data management architecture
  • Access additional revenue streams by making transport advice an integrated part of your proposition

Enterprise Workforce Planning & Management

  • Integrate real-time multi-modal transport data with your scheduling and resource management applications
  • Deliver tailored alerts and notifications through unified messaging (SMS, Email, Mobile/Web Apps, Digital Signage)
  • Improve transport cost control, workplace engagement and automate travel expense reporting

Engineering Mutual Value Exchange

57% are willing to share data in return for improved transport services*


You. Smart. Thing. enables individuals and organisations to capture and securely share data (e.g. patronage, capacity, historic, current and predicted location, etc.), and to decide how and when it is used, and by whom.


Our consent matrix enables the combination of shared user data with real-time transport data; rail, road, bike hire, bus and taxi services, cycling and walking routes, local authority information, and location based offers.


Our travel assistant application assesses these data sets in real-time and returns actionable guidance, optimising journeys based on currently available services and the user’s specific journey requirements .


* Data taken from the UK’s Transport Systems Catapult 2015 ‘IM Traveller Needs & UK Capacity Study’